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I have put this on-line museum / collection together over the past 25 years. It has been on the internet for the past three and this is my first major update. The collection started with the front control panel of an IBM 360-2040 that we were maintaining in 1979. At the time I was working with Fee Maintenance Services a new small UK third party maintenance company. I had worked throughout the 1970's for various Plug Compatible Manufacturers and TPM companies. By coming into IBM systems and peripherals from the PCM background I developed a keen interest on how IBM had come to dominate the computer industry.

As I watched machines being scrapped for the gold and other metals (still containing parts I so badly needed) I started collecting not only what I required but also what were obvious magnificent pieces of electronic and mechanical equipment.

Much of what you will read here is my own interpretation of machines and events. If I am not accurate or you have input that will add to the detail then please use our feedback form and I will update the site when I can.   

John Atkinson


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