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The collection started with IBM 360 Mainframe equipment and for most of the early years I only concentrated in that area, moving on to 370 equipment and recently collecting anything that is left that has not been scrapped. Sadly most documentation was thrown away and now trying to find original information is becoming more difficult.

AS engineers we have also managed to collect a large selection of tools and Test equipment for IBM systems and associated peripherals. This includes CE disk packs and I/O test and diagnostic devices.

The photograph at the top of this page is an IBM 7040 scientific computer that we took out of a university in Scotland. At the time we were installing a 4341 and removing a 370-148. This system  was just sitting in the corner, so we took it away. Unfortunately we had to scrap the machine but we managed to save the front panel.

We are continually updating the Mainframe collection and recently I have been rescuing parts from various plug compatible suppliers. I am always looking for new (old) equipment, we do have substantial storage available. If you are a collector please contact us. We are always interested in other collections and information and any additional detail on our own exhibits is always welcome.


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