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I/O Tester Part No 452400

S_p000275.jpg (81310 bytes)
This tester was used for repair and diagnostics of the following machines. Each machine had it's own overlay so that the lamps and switches were relevant to that machine.
1442-N1, 2501, 2501B, 2520, 1443-N1 2821, 1403, 2540, 2841, 2314, 2844, 2826, 2701, 2250-II, 2671
We have three I/O testers with overlays.

Tape Testers

S_p000276.jpg (56996 bytes)We have a number of tape testers for different manufacturers tape units  starting with the oldest:
IBM 2400 Series


IBM 3420 Series
Telex 6420 Series
Memorex 32xx

Disk Drive Exercisers
ISS Univac

Field Engineering Handbooks
I am sure many of you remember these handbooks. I have tried to collect as many as possible but am always on the lookout for more. The current collection is listed bellow with a few pages of the type of content.
System/360 General    SY22-2851-1

System/360 Model 40 SY22-2852-0
T_Md%2040-2.jpg (191157 bytes)
Page 6. 2040 Selector Channel Data Flow

T_Md%2040-.jpg (222335 bytes)

Page 7. Model 40 Data Flow


S_T_Md%2050.jpg (227770 bytes)     S_T_Md%2050-2.jpg (229085 bytes)
System/360 Model 50 SY22-2855-0

S_T_Md%2065.jpg (241983 bytes)
System/360 Model 65 Z25-0501-2

Channels 2860/2870/2880 Maintenance Reference Summary SY25-5005-1
System/360 Models 65,MP65, 67, 75, 85 Diagnostics SY25-5000-1
Diagnostic Monitor Reference Manual 229-2125-1
System 370/ Model 145 S229-2239-2
System 370/\Model 168 SY25-0511-1
3033 Processor Complex Maintenance Reference Summary SY25-0522-0
3090 Processor Complex Maintenance Reference Summary SR28-0634-0
General CE tools Reference Summary S131-0075-4
System/370 Operators Reference Guide SR20-4460-2



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